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My Signature Beginner Piano Course, and all 5 Bonus Courses, will give you lifetime access to a private membership site, over 100 online lessons, and countless resources.

Hi, I’m YoungMin!

A lot of people know me from my epic piano videos on YouTube where I play a grand piano in the middle of a frozen lake, or on a yacht in the middle of Lake Michigan!

Many people assume that for me to make music videos like these, I must have grown up as a child prodigy or have rich parents… but the reality of my childhood could not be more opposite.

Growing up in South Korea, my family had nothing. At one point, we lived in a 50 square foot one-room apartment that didn’t even have a bathroom in the house.

As a 7 year old, I loved playing on my toy keyboard at home, but I couldn’t afford to take private lessons or attend fancy music camps like other kids.

But when I turned 15, my parents squeezed everything they had financially, taking on debt, just to give me the opportunity to study English in the United States. It was a huge blessing… and I thought my life would suddenly be perfect in the US.

Boy, was I wrong…

Instead, I became extremely lonely and homesick. Everything I knew and loved was gone…family, friends, food, culture, language, and more!

A simple 14 hour flight, totally transformed my life. God and music became the only constants in my life, and I fell in love with piano even more. But I still couldn’t afford to take any piano lessons.

So, I taught myself! I watched every YouTube video, searched Google constantly, did everything I could to find every single resource available to me…and I learned! I figured out the easiest and most practical ways to learn piano. But not only that! I had fun the entire time.

But I asked myself… Why is learning piano so hard for everyone else? Here’s what I found out.

✗ Getting a piano teacher is expensive. An average person spends over $3,000 on lessons per year.

✗ Most traditional curriculums are outdated and boring. They teach you silly songs you don’t care for.
✗ People don’t enjoy theory and scales. Now it just feels like hard work and not fun.
Sadly, that is true. Most teachers make learning piano feel like really hard work. It shouldn’t be! Piano should be fun, relaxing, and enjoyable for everyone!
Over the last 20 years, I’ve been finding and collecting the best resources, and in this course, I’ll share all of my tried and tested tips, tricks, and resources with you. Forget about music theory and scales, I’ll be teaching you to play step-by-step, and you’ll actually be having fun learning!
Instead of playing silly songs, you will play along with an orchestra that’s literally going to give you chills! You will also learn to play your favorite songs, and be able to surprise your loved ones with them!

It's time to learn the piano!

Most piano teachers charge anywhere from $30-$75 per lesson. So, if you have one lesson a week, you would spend anywhere from $1,560-$3,900 on piano lessons each year.
My Signature Beginner Piano Course, and all 5 Bonus Courses, will give you lifetime access to a private membership site, over 100 online lessons, and countless resources. This package is valued at $1,924…which means each lesson costs less than $20.
But you’re not paying full price today…you’re only paying $97! This means you pay less than $1 per lesson!
I’m so confident you’ll learn to play, that I’m offering a 365-day 100% money back guarantee! If you don’t think you’ve made an improvement after following my program, just shoot me an email and you’ll get a full refund!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Signature Beginner Piano is an online piano course for beginners. This is an at-home course that you can take at your own pace and convenience.

This course starts at the beginner level. For people looking for intermediate and advanced lessons, we plan to make these courses in the near future.

However, if you’ve only taken a few lessons in the past, this beginner course will be perfect for you! You might be familiar with some of the information in the first few lessons, but we’re positive you will learn a lot of new things and will find a lot of benefits in taking the beginner course.

This is for everyone who wants to learn piano. Adults and children aged 9 to 99 years old would love this course and will learn a lot. The goal for this course is to get you having fun, to enjoy playing the piano while teaching you the needed skills in a very natural way so you get comfortable playing anything.

As a beginner, you will be learning: piano basics, simple patterns, chords, right hand/left hand dexterity, how to play a melodic line, basic improvisation, and more – all while having fun and learning to play over 100 songs! This course will help you learn and/or improve your skills and up your game, and will be helpful for anyone looking to learn how to play the piano.

Members will pay once, this will give them lifetime access to all lessons and materials. Members will have an individual account that they can use to login and access the entire list of modules and lessons.

Not necessarily! Even a keyboard will do.

All materials are uploaded online through the membership site. Members do not have to download anything as the lessons are integrated into their accounts. Members can watch the courses like they do when they watch a YouTube video. This means it won’t take up any space on their phone or computer.

YoungMin You taught himself how to play piano. In this course, He will be teaching you exactly how he taught himself! Many times, traditional lessons make music feel like really hard work, but YoungMin knows you’re not here to become the next Mozart. You want to play piano and have fun doing it, and that’s exactly how YoungMin approaches each lesson. This means: no music theory or scales! You’ll be learning how to play in a fun way that makes piano feel exciting and rewarding, not frustrating and fruitless.

We’re confident you’ll love this course! However, if you feel like it didn’t help you, we’re offering a 365-day 100% money-back guarantee. Send us a message and we’ll give you a refund.