Walk on Water (Album) – Digital

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2 reviews for Walk on Water (Album) – Digital


    My dear friend Casey gifted me your digital album this morning and I cannot stop playing it! It brings such peace and healing even as it plays in the background. I am in tears EVERY time I hear Young Min You’s version of “Build my Life and Jesus Messiah” play. I’m SO VERY thankful you made an album I can listen to at all times, Young Min! Thank you for all the work, sweat and tears you must have put into this ministry. I plan on paying her gift forward and gifting someone else(s) this album!

  2. Jourdan Williams (verified owner)

    I just purchased the digital version. I’m speaking in faith that it’s truly anointed and great. Although I haven’t actually heard this yet, I have already heard several very beautiful piano covers by Mr. You. Do I like them? Let’s see, I’m subscribed to his channel and bought his first album!

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